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Silvestris: the leading company in PVC

The professionalism and competence of Silvestris for satisfying the needs of every client.

In Silvestris it is forbidden to consider a window as a mere element of closure. The company’s philosophy moves in a single direction: to create real jewels that enhance any building.

In searching for the best solutions to satisfy the needs of clients we are moving along a path of style for the purpose of presenting a product that is not only efficient and stylish but also with a unique design that is in line with the tastes of the buyer. We do all this thanks to the great experience we have garnered in more than 30 years in the production of PVC windows and doors and by obtaining the major European Certifications as a guarantee of quality.

 Why choose Silvestris? We are not used to presenting a window but our modus operandi is to present our client with the perfect window. What difference is there? We do not like giving our customer a solution that is reflected on those of other companies but to give a unique solution that can make him or her happy and is suitable for enhancing the aesthetics and liveability of any building.

Silvestris windows and doors are synonymous with style and elegance and also with security and long duration. Every window will always give your home a different, unique and valuable look. Every client will be pampered by a professional support service in every phase, from the selection and design to the assembly of each single element.


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