Window openings with lift sliding systems


Window openings with lift sliding door systems: the best way to optimize spaces.

Lift sliding systems the most developed type of windows, by design, efficiency and technical characteristics.

Silvestris Infissi offers various solutions in lift and slide that are all aimed at obtaining major advantages. The great advantages of these specific door opening systems, of every shape and size, can be noticed aesthetically and more specifically on functionality and relative comfort.

How do they work? The door is set up for rising and support on small rotors that, which minimal effort and ensuring the maximum stability, allows for easy sliding.

Why choose them? These systems manage to enhance any building and to increase comfort without affecting the thermal and acoustic insulation in any way. This is a unique solution for achieving three great advantages: perfect insulation, unique design that can be personalized and extraordinary ease of opening

Schüco ThermoSlide

Silvestris Infissi always highlights all the advantages of the Schüco ThermoSlide sliding lift system. Doors that are based on Schüco Corona SI 82 technology but which have a great depth of the frame (219mm). The whole structure with triple thermal separation threshold and reinforced profiles of the frame ensures thermal insulation that is impossible to achieve with any other door.This solution is recommended for covering great surface areas since it can support door weights up to 400kg.

Also in situations that require mounting big and heavy doors the ease of lifting and sliding is, to say the least, sensational. When we talk about doors beauty is not everything but Schüco ThermoSlide fears no comparison with other systems.The thermal insulation guaranteed has a UF value of 1.1 W/(m2K), that is destined to rise with the mounting of other elements (for example, with the mounting of glass with a thickness of up to 52mm).

To complete the picture of this system of lift sliding windows will be the window’s reinforcement profiles that ensure maximum stability that avoids and twisting of the structure.

Characteristics - Schüco ThermoSlide


  • External frame with a depth of 219 mm and 7 chambers, door with a depth of 82 mm and 5 chambers
  • Maximum thermal insulation with a value of Uf  of 1.1 W/(m2K)
  • With the use of suitable glass (Ug ≤ 0,6 W/(m2K)), lift and slides of conventional sizes can reach levels of thermal insulation of passive houses of (Uw ≤ 0,8 W/(m2K))
  • It is possible to install triple glazing with thickness of up to 52mm
  • The glass bead with a height of 24mm offers greater depth of support for the glass


  • The reinforcing profiles of the door ensure maximum stability and technical duration
  • Four threaded channels in the aluminium thermal break reinforcement and the threshold of the floor ensure stability and torsion resistance of the frame’s structure.
  • In cases of specific security requirements it is possible to produce category RC2
  • Excellent acoustic insulation values
  • It is possible to design entrances without barriers with the use of a supplementary profile
  • Pre-inserted EPDM seals with excellent spring back properties
  • In the central section friction resistant seals ensure greater duration and seal.


  • The slim visible section (174 mm on the sides and the upper part, 144mm in the lower part of the threshold) ensures the highest level of natural lighting
  • Simple and clean lines thanks to the cover profiles and threshold in flat, smooth aluminium
  • It is possible to finish the profile with decorative solid pain or wood effect film, exclusive Schüco technology
  • AutomotiveFinish and  Schüco Corona TopAlu

Schuco EasySlide

This is another system that forms a part of the best solutions for lift and slide door systems. Specifically the Schüco Corona CT 70with a frame depth of 167mm is used.

The thermal insulation is perfect (1.6 W/(m²K)), also thanks to the excellent sealing of the hermetic seals at the joints and to the pre-assembled isolating bars on the profile’s reinforcement.

This is a simple and elegant design and can be personalized chromatically and in the finish. Silvestris always recommends taking advantage of the decorative Schüco wood effect and solid colour films.

The system is suitable for covering large surface areas and always ensures the greatest comfort of opening, even if the door weighs about 440kg. It is possible to install other doors, fixed or mobile.

Schüco EasySlide


  • External frame with a depth of 167mm and 5 chambers (in combination with a reinforced thermal break profile), leaf with a depth of 70mm for excellent thermal insulation
  • The thermal break reinforced aluminium profile is equipped with pre-mounted insulating bars filled with PA foam
  • Excellent thermal insulation with a UF value of up to 1.6 W/(m²K)
  • The depth of the glass support of 18mm ensures lower heat loss
  • It is possible to install triple glazing of up to 40mm
  • The 23mm height of the glass bead increases the depth of the glass support.
  • Security
  • Four screwing channels in the thermal break aluminium reinforcement and the threshold of the floor ensure stability and torsion resistance of the frame’s structure.
  • Weight of the leaf up to 400kg
  • In cases of specific security requirements it is possible to produce category RC2


  • Excellent values of acoustic insulation (depending on the combination of profile and glass it is possible to reach insulation values of Rw,p  up to 43 dB)
  • Pre-inserted EPDM seals with excellent spring back properties
  • The triple seal and the innovative design of the central joint ensure the highest levels of sealing
  • Structures suitable for elements of large sizes with the possibility of installing more or less doors, fixed or mobile.


  • Visible sections of only 120mm for the highest level of natural light
  • Many types of glass bead are available with various contours
  • The co-planar seals of the frame perfectly match the door’s aesthetics
  • The white profiles are supplied with grey seals as standard, while the coated profiles with dark base and black seals
  • It is possible to finish the profile with” decorative solid colour or wood effect film, the exclusive technology of Schüco

AutomotiveFinish and  Schüco Corona TopAlu