Fer Schuco


Fer Schuco VarioTec: closures of the highest level and refined design.

Perfection for windows and doors.


Silvestris Infissi offers only efficient solutions of great aesthetic value. When everything is brought together with the highest form of practicality of use of the Schüco VarioTec locking system you can only admire the final perfect result. A combination of steel and extruded material destined to last over time that will always ensure perfect locking of the system.

Every single component has been tested in the most difficult situations in such a way as to make to most of normal daily actions of opening and closing of the fixtures. The Schüco VarioTec locking system is not only robust but also extraordinarily elegant.

Bringing together the highest form of design with the resistance and security of the materials used can only bring about the creation of a product in the absolutely top place in the standings of the world’s best doors and windows.

It is possible to personalize all this by choosing from handles in different colours and shapes, thus creating beautiful plays of colours with the hinges and the other small elements that make up the fixture.

Here is some of the technical information that let you understand the immense value of the elements of Schuco VarioTec.:

  • Maximum functional and burglar-proof safety (elements in tempered steel and closures with mushroom head locking);
  • Load capacity of up to 130kg;
  • Designed with care for the smallest details: powder coated visible elements and elegant black tone of the hardware fitted in the fixture, handles that can be combined with the hinges;
  • Resistance to corrosion conforms to Class 5.

Schüco VarioTec NI is the new generation of window closures, designed to ensure maximum comfort and incredible safety without ever giving up the style that lets you raise the shapes of an already perfect design for windows.

A retractable hardware system that is perfect for satisfying the most diverse architectural needs and can support the weight of a window of up to 150kg. With Schüco VarioTec NI it is possible to open inward or to fold the window very easily by also exploiting the characteristics of a modular RC2 safety system. Closures with mushroom head locking in tempered steel and unhinge-proof angular pins raise the burglar-proof security of the window to the stars.


The innovative VarioTec. Air systems allows the exploitation of the incredible efficiency of an extraordinary ventilation system. A small aeration channel has been placed along the perimeter of the leaf of the fixture that does not in any way affect the various burglar-proof security systems.

What is it for? Thanks to this system it is possible to move the window by only 6mm (the opening is not visible externally) and avoids opening the folding system. In this way continuous ventilation of the environment of reference is assured. One of the main advantages of the Schuco VarioTec Ais is tied to energy saving.

Thanks to constant ventilation all the waste of energy, precisely for achieving perfect ventilation of the environments, will be cut.

Furthermore, by exploiting the potential of the system described it is possible to prevent mould.