Schuco Box


Schuco PVC Box: the Best!

The excellent characteristics of the Schüco box for roller shutters that you can find at Silvestris boast thermal and acoustic insulation of the highest level.

They are not only efficient but also designed for lightening the structure and exploiting the beauty of the linear and elegant design thanks too to the modular and three chamber structure.

In the search for the best products within the market of reference Schüco boxes without a doubt hold first place in the list of most recommended solutions. They are very easy to install, they are perfect for renovations and therefore for upgrading a property or for new buildings.

Thanks to the characteristics and the structured profile a personalized mounting is possible according to personal needs without lowering the seal and quality of the product. The advantages offered are truly many! See all the characteristics.

  • Excellent thermal isolation values: Usbdi 2,10 W/(m2K); this value can also reach Usb di 0,80 W/(m2K) adding an insulation element. No waste of energy for heating and the energy efficiency of the building brought up to the highest levels.
  • Perfect acoustic insulation: values included between 50 and 54 dB with front closure XPS that decrease to about 36 dB with PVC front closure. The perfect solution for keeping the chaos of city life out of your home.
  • Thanks to the fixing system and thermal welding the highest structural stability is ensured, also when the panel is mounted internally (that can always be inspected thanks to the removable front panel).
  • It is also possible to choose the perfect finish to match the box with the frames. Decorative plain or wood effect films that are ready to give an impeccable look to the Schüco box.